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BATTS Laboratories is an independent firm offering the most comprehensive testing capabilities in toxicology. We have a staff of dedicated professionals operating in state of the art laboratories located in Southern California. We provide world class testing services to local, national and international clientele.

We are proud to provide service to the following industries:

  • Specialty Chemical Facilities
  • Cosmetic Manufactures
  • Organic Specialty Firms
  • Fabric Manufactures
  • College R&D
  • Medical Device Manufactures
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Diagnostic Products

With laboratories strategically located in Southern California, BATTS Laboratories provides prompt, comprehensive service to companies ranging from Fortune 500 giants to small start-up firms. For some companies, BATTS Laboratories becomes their in-house laboratory. Other clients use us to supplement their own capabilities—for special projects or to meet peak demand. Our staff is recognized throughout the industry for their experience, technical competence and commitment to service.

BATTS Laboratories has outstanding quality assurance systems and excellent regulatory compliance. To insure the quality of data for our clients and the FDA, our quality assurance managers routinely perform internal audits in all divisions of the laboratory. Our Operations Manual, consisting of an extensive body of Standard Operating Procedures, is a key component of our quality systems.

BATTS Laboratories has a thorough, documented training system to insure that all technical staff can capably perform designated procedures and remain current with new revisions.

In a continuing effort to provide our clients the outstanding service they have come to rely upon, BATTS Laboratories has committed to recognizing and addressing the unique requirements of each project. As always, BATTS Laboratories is proud to state our commitment to excellence in all facets of our work.

Clients ranging from small specialty companies to Fortune 500 corporations have benefited from years of BATTS Laboratories outstanding customer service. We have gained an international reputation for quality in service and excellence in science.

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